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I just went to a hobby shop alittle further down the road than I usually go and seen that Woodland Scenics makes a "layout in a box". Has anyone seen this? I believe its called the "River Pass" or something. Anyways, looked kinda interesting and with my status (being in the in the military and not knowing how much longer I'll be here) it seemed like it may be beneficial to just go ahead and invest in that instead of the layout I have begun to start. Although I like the switching that I could do on the layout I planned, doing a mountain layout seems cheaper and just as interesting. Not to mention, that layout calls for code 83 track....I haven't bought too much more than a few switches and about 2 boxes of flex-track so far....Anyways, all I'm asking is does this somewhat "layout in a box" seem like a good deal? I'm not very new to modelling, but model railroading....well...a I have a few months under my belt....:eek: Also, because not only am I planning on getting very much into this hobby, should I just start buying code 83 track? Seems more realistic, and has more options. I have made plenty of mistakes so far...and spent money on alot of things that I could have gotten a better deal on, so to stop this, please, any insight you more experienced guys may have on these questions could really help out! Thanks guys!



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I don't see a problem with it. You certainly can add your own touch to an out-of-box setup, and it can easily be incorporated into a future expansion.


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Yes those come in 3 kits...#1 The layout which includes base, mountains, all scenics, #2 is the track pack (complete), and #3 is the structures and details....I have been watching the Scenic Ridge's N scale...There are several ones available....3x6 ft for N scale and 4x8 for HO...there are some on eBay and one hobby shop sells all 3 kits together for a good price. Like 385 total as compared to kit one separately is like 229.00 , 2 is 49.00, and 3 is 91.00 + shipping....I have been thinking of building it in a travel a box with dual handles on each side and top lifts off (like 1/2 and 1/2) with the legs folding into the lid...this would work well for you if you travel...take top off and fold out legs and place bottom 1/2 on the table like lid....If you plan on moving any of these allot you need this type of set up to protect it in moves because its all foam boards and it will save the edges form accidental bumps. Note prices come from eBay because they list for much more on the site #1 298.00, #2 65.95, #3 125.00
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