Hi from windy Wyoming.

Hello all. I came to this forum after the other one I'm a member of pretty much became a ghost town. I model HO scale, and I have a still under construction 9'x12' layout that I call the Colorado Midland, Midland Terminal, and Short Line. The CM, MT, & SL is a fictional merger between the Colorado Midland Railway, the Midland Terminal Railway, and the Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway (AKA, The Short Line) that still exists in the present primarily as a rail museum/tourist railroad with a lot of vintage equipment, but also as a shortcut bridge line for modern freight. I currently live in Wyoming, but I lived in Colorado for most of my life.
Thank you! My family and I lived in Colorado since I was about 3, and we moved to Wyoming two years ago.
I was born in Pueblo, lived in Beulah, then a gap and was in Littleton, then Thornton. I bailed from Colorado, as it was becoming too Californified with all the emigrants. I think wild Wyoming would be to cold/windy for me.

I do know lots of folks from the Cheyenne. There is the Sherman Hill group in the Frontier mall, and the UC&N Model Railroad club in the station.
Even though you model in HO, if you are near Evanston you might want to visit the big N-scale meet--E24--at the restored UP facilities during the week of July 24-28 coming up. It's primarily an "operator's meet," and trains will be run anywhere from 6AM to 2AM (or so I am told). Open to the public for just a few hours on one day, but worth a visit I think.
All three modular systems will be a part of the festivities, Free-moN, N-trak, and T-trak.
Just FYI.
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All that ^ said, welcome aboard, and glad to have you. Your own proto-freelanced CM system is well imagineered, methinks. There aren't many CM modelers around, but you aren't alone either.
FWIW, it sounds like our two life paths parallel one another, as I've also lived in CO since I was just a sprout. Still here in my case, but WY is near the top of my own list should I choose to emigrate...which could happen soon.
Further updates as events warrant...and film at eleven....
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