Hey it's the WEEKEND photo fun 10/13 - 10/15

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Steve B

Guess i'll kick things off
Here a C30-7 5127 and GP20 haul a unit coal train up the 3% grade on the yarrow valley sub past the BN's Chorley south yard

and a view of the yard


and later in the day 5127 returning to the yard at the end of the shift


grove den

naturally natural trees
too early

Hope you do'nt mind, do the pictures count too I posted on J.BAAKO UBER late PWF from last weekend??:eek:
Here is one more:) ...(scale:1:160 N )

grove den

naturally natural trees
Have to Go to a doctor and check my eyes!

(Thank you Hyrail5!!...)Ow gorsh(i feel like goofy:eek: ) I didnot noticed the exaust effect. It's realy great and of course a very nice picture!!

BNSF dude

BNSF foamer
Well guys i know im getting shots this weekend! Its the annual Trainfest Fall show at the Hutchinson fairgrounds so be ready for a movie and pics!

Steve B

Brian, the gold series MP15DC is one sweet engine don't you think, i got one a few weeks back & i still havn't put the detail parts on, not sure if it will go back into it's fancy box with them fitted


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
I've been too busy getting all the Fall stuff done around the house to spend much time on the layout. A couple days ago some Tortis arrived so I will be back getting the finishing touches on the trackwork in the new room soon. In the meantime, I have been doing some scenery building near the tunnels and Outlet (river) just outside of the City of Kanandaqua on the layout.

Still foam city but taking shape:


This is the outher side of the mountain....(What the bear saw when he went over the mountain):


The stone and wooden bridge (built in the late 1800s) over the Kanandaqua Outlet:



A shot of it from under the RR Bridge over the Outlet:


Steve B

Looking good Ray,,

just took a few pics in Coppull at the track renewal site, they got another half mile ripped up and are on with the ballast removal

this is where the old ballast goes, then they take it to be re cycled and used again

some usefull information

hiding up front is an EMD class 66

a bit further up the line is a ballast train, as is normal the engines hiding under a bridge, these are "Seacow" trucks

the device below is used to lift around twenty concrete ties at once into location ready for the rail to be clipped in place

and the last shot for now, i'll be back later


New Member
Nice pics everyone!!

I finally have trains running. Here are a few pics...

- Power ready at Greenville, PA.

- BLE 877S crossing XN interlocking as EL 3672 waits on.

- BLE 866S runs light power past Calvin Yard in Butler, PA.

- BLE 878N passes the Butler Transfer job (BLE 867) at AK Steel in Butler, PA.

Have a good weekend...
-Bob at GV


Diesel Detail Freak
Ok, an hour of hand sawing, and killing a blade, I have succesfully chopped a "lump" out of an Athearn SD40-2 chassis, so that the RPP SD45-2 shell would fit on it, look closely on the engineer's (far) side, the shell is orinetated to "drop" on:
View attachment 4470

Now with the shell on the chassis, BNSF 6460 is "done"!
View attachment 4471

Reminder, use a dremel, not a hand saw, its much easier.

Steve B

nice bit of work Josh

some of the equipment taking a break, new rail and ties at rear capable of 140 mph running, or it will be once ballasted, and the old track and ties near camera with 110 mph speed limit

a CAt D5 dozer equipped with rail wheels
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