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Hey there I am very new to the scenery aspect of the hobby and am currently living in a apartment with NO room for a layout but I have begun to collect locos, rolling stock, etc for when I do have enough space. I also model 1/24th scale cars and this year got a REVELL BigBoy Plastic model for xmas.

Now instead of just building the stupid locomotive and displaying it normally I decided to build a small diaroma with two track lines and a small hill with grass, trees, etc... I used and 25" x 16" board and mounted a small piece of balsa plywood for the road bed then I used newspaper to create the hill then cover the whole thing with plaster cloth. (It wasnt perfect but for a first time it was fine.)

Then I took a Woodland Scenics Landscapiung kit and tried to lay the grass as directed(BIG MISTAKE) I first mixed a pigment of earthtone (included) then I sprinkleed the grass down while still wet, then I tried to spary glue to hold it down. (MOST OF YOU MUST BE LAUGHING AT THIS BY NOW) I should have known someting was wrong with the directions at this point but alas I just ruined the bag of grass included in the kit.

I then tried to save some grass (slightly successful) and then brushed the glue on and applied the grass. (this worke somewhat better) but still grass came off and it is now a complete mess with patchs of grass everywhere and it looks really bad(i am probably going to have to rip up the plaster shell and start again what do you guys think?).

My main question is how should I apply the grass(any suggestions), what glue do I use, should I start again, etc, etc....

Any help and direction would be great!!!!!

This is my first go at the scenery and it has been VERY dissappointing...

Thanks for all the help,

Yes Joe is an expert at scenery You can't go wrong with his techniques. Please post some pics when you done !!