HELP! athearn gen sd-70M

so, I just got the athearn genesis sd-70M I got off ebay in today. lovely model... the amount of details included is astounding. but I cant get the damn shell off... what gives? I am trying the squeeze and pull method per the directions, but the bugger isnt budging. I hope the PO didnt glue it.
When I pulled mine off, all the wires were popping out of the nose door and I've heard from other good sources that they crack easily. But they are wonderful models. Best of Luck!
My SD75M's an lone SD70M came apart with some coaxing. The SD70M seemed as if the paint had "glued" it togeather.
It was kind of a Squeeze, wiggle, jiggle, squeeze "POP" *uh oh...* jiggle, then it slid off, and I inspected for damage!