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Jim W

Jim W
Hello Everyone. I live in South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) and have been unable to locate any Clubs so I hope y'all won't mind too much if I ask some pretty basic questions from time to time.
I have decided (insert second guessing here) to go with DCC for my first layout because it is my understanding that the wiring is easier. It really is an expensive decision BUT I'm hoping that in the long run it will pay off in overall satisfaction - FUN.
I have some basic layout plans that will provide me with a list of all the material I will need to get started. I have decided to go with Atlas Code 100 N/S and I will put down the roadbed. The layout will be in a room by itself on a "rolling benchwork" and shaped like an "L". (8x4 plus a 2x4 ext.) I will have a 3 year old assistant(grandson) so I do not want to be "fragile" where rubber arms can reach.
Oh Well! Hope to make friends here soon.


In Training Down Under.
Welcome along Jim, I'm sure the guys will be able to answer any questions you have.
I'm just starting on my new layout, The Midland Line, I've built a half a layout before so I'm kinda new too.
I'm DCC all the way!! with a Lenz system, but I'd go with whatever your Local Hobby Shop (LHS) has or mayby a nearby buddy has a system you like.

Drop by the coffee shop and have a cup on me.



Lazy Daydreamer
Hello Jim and welcome to the forum!:) :cool: Ask as many questions as you like, that's what we're here for. Going with DCC at the outset is a wise decision, not just because of the wiring but also because you don't have a huge pre-existing fleet of locos that need to have decoders added to them [my situation unfortunately].

Steve B

Welcome to the fun hobby Jim, Aks away anything you want to know, the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. I think we have somebody from every branch of the hobby, from the mega big empire builders to the 8' by 4' fun layout. since you will be running an 8' x 4' plus a bit layout DCC is a good choice, Atlas do DCC and you can get loco's with DCC already installed pretty cheap. I model in HO scale and have chosen the Burlington Northern. I get most of my stuff from
you can buy a Bachmann DCC loco from $29 which is a good price
Jim, Welcome to the hobby and to the forums. I'm sure I'm speaking for many others as well as myself when I say that we are glad to have you aboard. Since I'm across the country from you, I can't offer much in support of clubs in your area, but I do know there's a group on here that gets together once in a while in Alabama. Someone else could fill in the details, but I believe they call themselves the Alabama Rail Gang. You could search the forums to find them. I know it's a bit of a trip for you, but it could make for a fun weekend if you took a couple (or a few) days and went up there. Anyhow, I just wanted to welcome you and let you know I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Glad to have you aboard!

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