Hello To all that love traines


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Hello To all that love trains

I just wanted to say hello I'm new here. Im geting back in the hobby after 22 years of trying to grow up get married having a son which turned 3 today, and he loves trains like his daddy!!!!!! :D. Im geting back in with N scale and I will be modling the Nickel Plate RR from the 1950s It is not an easy task doing this on a small layout shelf type that I can take apart when I move It will be 10 feet by 8 feet. for now still begging for space that I share with my wife. I will post my track plan as soon as I clean up a copy to scan. I will need help on my DCC But I will get in to that later

Still have not grown up:rolleyes:
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Welcome Nathan from another N scaler. Hope to see your track plan, and progress.
Good on you Nathan, get as much space as you can!!
Looking forward to some great pictures and questions.

A word of advice for you Nathan, never grow up!

We're glad you're here. Welcome to the forum and back to the hobby.

As one who's done it, let me say, this is a GREAT hobby to do with your little guy. Have fun and post pics.
Being new to the hobby, it might be an idea to note that the subject of our hobby is trains, and not traines. Might make things a lot less confusing!

ModelRailroadForums Nathan

It's a Great group we have here, and your're welcome join right in with the various discussions. you'll like it here were a friendly bunch


Thinking of growing up! Check my signature :D
Thank you for letting me be part of your group!!!
I live in Zionsville In North West corner of Indy.
Today I have been Painting the face of my bench work and working on my track plan. I forgot how much fun this is. I hope my son will still like trains when he is older. He has his Thomas trains, yes I play to.
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This is my track plan. Please tell me what you think, it is a start. I am building a Sectional bench That I can move with out damage to the layout.
so far I have 3 of the sections built and on the wall. I still have to build the one for the yard and a round end cap to return the trains. the end cap can be removed so I can add to the layout all the way around the room to the yard.
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Welcome Nathan! I was in your situation once, left the hobby in my late teens while I was finding my way in the world. Then came back to it 15 years later! I'm currently heavily invested in HO, but if I was starting over again today I just might go the 'N' route - it's really advanced alot in the past 10 years!