Harbour Views


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I'm working on my layout (see links below to see my layout pics) and am getting ready for the dockside / harbour part of my layout. What I am looking for are older dock images, images of train ferry docks (bridges?) wharfs, etc.

I will need a lighthouse of course that goes without saying, and I do intend to have a "Harbour Rescue Mission" downtown, and a Longshoreman's Union Hall. I'm looking for other ideas.


The track in the grey area is down but the track in the beige area is just my idea at this point. The water and land edge is pretty well done but could be changed, it is only stryofoam and paint right now, but it is shaped.

This is supposed to be an inland port by the way, something on Lake Erie or Ontario most likely, but it is ficitious and freelanced so if something looks too cool to pass up, I'll take it. The era is the 1960's so no containers and no super tankers. I'm looking for a smaller frieghter from the great lakes.

So any ideas? Any Links? Pics? Samples of your work similar to this?

BTW, what do you think of the timesaver built into the dockside switching, thougths on that?

Hi F.K., welcome to the forum!

Looks like you're planning to do some rail-marine operations there! Do you already have the Walthers N-scale kits (float bridge/apron & car float) or are you planning to scratchbuild them?

I wish I could point you to an N-scale ship link. Sylvan Scale Models used to have N scale resin lake boats, but they were acquired by Bearco Marine Models and I'm not seeing any N-scale stuff in their product line.

Here's a "proto-lanced" model I built of a Cliffs ore boat in HO:
Fort Kent Dad;

I like your work so far, it looks like it will be a fun layout. The ideas for the Mission and the Union Hall are spot on have you considered a Pool Hall or even Dance Hall with "taxi" girls?

Look forward to seeing more of your layout out as it grows and forms up, keep up the good work.