internets worst speller
i just picked up a used u33c from atlis and i need handrails for it anybody got any ideas :D
Well two things that come to mind, You could order a set from Atlas that would be the easiest and if you feel a bit venturesome you could bend your own from wire, a little higher on the difficulty scale :D
For my own loco kit bashes I use the Athearn stanchions and bend the handrails from brass wire. Some modelers use guitar strings to bend theirs. Could be lots of ideas on this one Next
Cheers Willis
I use music wire instead of brass. It holds up better in my experience. But it is quite unforgiving, if you attempt to "remove" a sharp bend it will likely break. Buy extra...

Aftermarket stanchions are available from several sources, don't know any offhand tho.
Utah Pacific makes GE stanchions. But, I'd try going through Atlas first. I'm having trouble getting on the catalog portion of their website, but you can call them at: 908-687-0880 or email them at parts@atlasrr.com. They've been more than helpful with me in the past when I needed to order items too new to show up in their catalog, so I'll bet they can help you out with your request. I'd give you the part number for those handrails, but my U33C came with a C30-7 instruction sheet!
dose atlis sell all the handrails i dont know if i could make my own

i am just lurning how to put models together i have never done this when i was a kid :eek:
dunno the exact engineering description (we engineers call it music wire, too!). but it is hardened somewhat, typically black sometimes just steel colored and is made of steel of one type or another.....being steel it won't solder at all, so it's usefullness is limited.

Seriously, that's all I've ever called it: music wire. It's usually right there beside the K+S (?) brass wire.

emt49, I would drop by Atlas' website to find if the handrails are available separately. I'm pretty sure they would be, it's a common part to replace. good luck.
I wonder why "music wire". Hmm, I'll have to see what us Yankees call it (probably the same thing and I'm just showing off my ignorance again :D)
Who knows? But if you Google "music wire" (aka Piano Wire) you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know. :D
...PIANO WIRE.!!!....I knew there was another name but I couldn't for the life of me think of what it was...thanx LR!