Grande Valley RR


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Here are some pics of my layout. It is total Freelanced and is in an "E" around the room. Demensions are 11'x 12.5'x10' the center leg is 8'6''. My prefered scale is "N". My Prototype is Rio Grande an BNSF, I model the 70's to present I guess. The layout is DC with all turnouts being Electrofrog Peco in code 80.

The layout will consist of a Sawmill, Coal Mine and Oil Refinery on the upper level. The lower levels will have Town/Warehouse District, Intermodel, and good sized yard and maintenance facility, there will allso be a grain operation on this level. There is a double main.

The layout has been under construction since Nov. 2004, and is 75% done . Will take years to detail it.














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Pictures! and we like pictures and lot's of them :D Man that's some layout ( Empire) with some magnificent scenery. You're doing a real nice job modeling your road. I'm freelancing also, I started out with the purest of thoughts about really modeling the prototype, but some how or other I went badly astray. Thanks for sharing the photos of your work. Just how high are those backdrops? sure catches the eye. Keep us posted as the details are added. Have to say it looks good now but with more details Boy OH! Boy :D
Cheers Willis
Must be my tired old eyes, they look gigantic to me. :D Nice photography, if you hadn'tsaid it was N I'd swear it was a larger scale, excellent work!
Cheers Willis
Very nice! Thanks for posting a "tour". You have a great layout! Like you, I'm kind of partial to the prototype myself! :D Bet you'd have never guessed that though, right? :D
Midnideflyer,I have to tell you your railroad got my attention real quick :D

I also have a railroad called the Grande Valley,but mine is based in Michigan and is 27 years old.I started out in HO but gradually switched to N scale (+ HOn30 and 0n30).

I must say your layout looks really nice and I hope you can enjoy it for many years to come.
One thing I like about N scale, nice long trains...

Marc, what do you think of that Micro Engineering Viaduct Kit? What is the difficulty of them to assemble? I plan on purchasing one in HO scle for my own layout. Also, love those cliffs. A+ :D
Fabulous! indeed. The only place I've seen "N" scale was at a Model Rail show and I must say the scenery I saw, unlike yours was far from believable. Just an excellent well done layout, keep the pics coming.
Cheers!! Willis
Here are some pics of the pike that i took this weekend. Used my 35mm, need to get a smaller lens the 70x210mm is to large for the close up pics in the room.










"Ditto" the compliments above. As a modeler of steel mills I know all too well what it means to be "space-challenged". I've often toyed with the idea of converting to N, but (1) my eyesight isn't getting any sharper and (2) I have way too much money invested in HO, and I do NOT want to go the 'selling-on-eBay' route!

Keep those pix coming!