got hoppers?? Lots of extra hoppers?

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Saw this facility today and while I could not get close enough to photograph, Google Earth came to the rescue. It's fixed in place railroad covered hoppers, most ACFCenterFlo, some Pullman Standard. They have been situated to provide interim storage for something (likely plastics). Across the top of the image are railroad tracks with hoppers for (probably) unloading into the fixed hoppers. I guess it could be for shipment as well…. Anyway, if you have a few dozen extra CF hoppers and need an interesting rail-served business, this one is pretty unique. There are a few pipes, exiting the building on the left, and some valving along the top of the hoppers, but the piping doesn’t appear too complex. Artistic license is key. Google Earth it yourself at 29°57'44.58"N and 95°23'37.65"W



5th Generation Texian
those are still in use as railroad cars. not anywhere near the same thing.

and back on topic, if you look to the right of the buildings, you will see several more hoppers (covered) between the buildings evidently being used as storage. They are literally all over the place there.
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What was that boss? Oh, your wallet - yeah, I think I saw it in the "blue car"! :)

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