gondola with a framing to care copleted railpanals

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In newton there's a copany that makes turnout panals and panals for bridges they ship them on flat bed and in gondolas there is a frame in the gondola the has the panel on the side a angle and i thought that would look good on my layout the framing i know how to put in the gondola its thetrack panal ho would be to tall for most tunnal and look large in the car while n won't look right on ho layout if you canpare the track. any ideals or should i put it in athe pipe dream fileu
The cradle is a welded a couple of trangle frames one one the side of the car and to floor so one Side is vercale while the side the panel lays against is at about a 45 angle. as for the pic sence its in the yard i can't get to close so no pics off the inside. if i get on a car I'm fired they don't like van driver to foul the tracks. so i can only get distance shots with my phone witch can be 10to 15. feet depending on where the car is in the yard.

Burlington Bob

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Don't fool around and get yourself fired! As far as a switch goes for a load,you should probably cut down the length on both ends as the prototypes that I've seen are far from the whole switch.
Got a pic of a empty not a great pic tried to put it in a this thread my not so smart smart phone lock up ill try to get it in my gallary
Well i got it to my gallery if you all want to see it that's the empty still no loaded expext one any day though if you would like i have not problem emailing it to you


Pretty good photo, all in all. Shouldn't be too difficult to scratchbuild. You ask earlier about tunnels and bridges, etc. Like the prototype, with an oversize load it would need special routing.
My though is my code 100 tracks will look big even after shorting it up so i think i see if i can find a no fuctional code 70turnout might not look better the just thinking perpective in the car


You can use whatever gauge you think looks best. I'm anxious to see a loaded car. Never seen a turnout "panel" out of the ground.


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I saw this once when some track work was being done nearby. This one was on a flatcar and I noticed the cradle was extended out past the edge of the car deck so as to reduce the overall height. As mentioned, the turnout track was short as well. I think code 70 would be the best for appearance.
Went looking online i see exacttrail carry the gondolas with turnout loads. for 99 dollors think il make my own cheaper i already have the car just need the upgarade the wheels and couplers and get the turnout and decals.
Got a pic of a loaded gondola not great pi weather drabe so pic dark its the backside so you can see the framing its in my gallary my phone don't like pic and theards

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