Glueing Pink Foam To Plywood?


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I bought a 2x2 peice of plywood last night to use as a mock up of my 8x4' layout. The goal is to make as many mistakes on my 2x2 circle of 9.75" atlas track, so that it doesn't happen on my 8x4' layout.

My question is how are you guys glueing or attaching the pink foam to the plywood? I have plenty of weights I don't use to exercise standing buy to use as gravity clamps :).
The white or yellow carpenters glue from the hardware store will do fine. Weldbond Elmers and a host of other store brand names will work fine and are easy to work with. The brand I use is "Home Hardware" I imagine "Home Depot" and others have their brand names.
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I've never tried it, but I don't see why not. If you're doubtful, just glue a piece of the foam to a piece of wood, clamp it and let it set for 12 hrs. If you can't get it apart after that it should be ok. I believe they also make a glue for use in schools, that stuff in my opinion wouldn't do the job. There's usualy instructions on the container telling what the glue can be used for, if wood or furnature is one of them then the answer is yes.
Cheers!! Willis
The yellow type glue works great. It may take a few days to completely dry when glueing the foam to the plywood and it will take even longer when glueing the foam to itself. One way to speed up the drying is to apply the glue in a thin even layer and then press the foam board down against the wood. Then remove the foam board and allow to dry slightly for about 5 minutes. The press the foam board back down and apply weights.

If you are in a hurry, you can also use liquid nails but make sure you get the liquid nails for foam. The regular liquid nails will desolve the foamboard.

If you frame the full sized layout correctly you shouldn't need plywood, just maybe 3" of foam. Just don't leave big gaps in between the framing. The roadbed can be supported by plywood.
Around here 3" of foam is EXPENSIVE, well over the cost of 1/2 ply and 1/2 to 1" foam.

Otherwise, David hit the nail (glued the nail :D) on the head. Liquid Nails for Foam (or its equivalent, check with the foam dealer) works great and is faster than yellow glue and weights or clamps.

The main reason I'd avoid plywood is its prone to warping more then the foam on wood. 1-2" of foam will support light scenery, 2 sheets of 1 1/2" foam (if its available) should be rugged... My current project layout is going to be 50% foam construction, and 3/4 finishing plywood under the roadbed and the flat area of the town. My dad's layout should start construction next month, hopefully. On my week home I hope to get the basic track plan layed out in plywood. Then my dad'll so the foam work, and then lay the roadbed (woodland sceneics foam roadbed), and track...

I told him to avoid TOO much plywood cause cheep plywwod warps easily. Trust me on that one, its not a happy experince.