Fox River Valley Rolls Again



Okay, so I haven't done any actual modeling yet this summer, but I did buy something. That's more than I've done for quite a few months now.

This is my brand-new Atlas SD24 painted for Fox River Valley and factory-equipped with a Lenz DCC decoder. There's a great essay by Dave Ingles on the road in the May '94 issue of Trains magazine that sums up the FRV's short life. Since my layout is designed to be a generic Midwest branchline I thought the FRV would fit in nicely. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing something a bit out of the ordinary and I hope I can post more photos of the unit in action on my upcoming layout soon!
Hi Brian, that's a handsome looking unit, but it needs some dirt on it, to look perfect :D
We'd be interested to hear more about your plans for your FVR layout and the FVR itself.
WOW now THATS nice, I've been tempted in the past to model the 2 SD24's they had, just after WCL took over. But now I might just buy two to have them like that!