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Steve B

Here we are again, another week down the line

and to start us off some first attempts at weathering with an airbrush:D I only did the black sootey stuff today, got to get a tin of grime and rust colour yet

The real thing

and my version, this was a very shiny silver truck

and this is my class 37

and class 57

while i was painting everything paintable these two machines copped a bit

robert having fun, the tree's came from the CFO's christmas door wreath, by christmas she will have forgotten where it is, hopefully as it's all gone,;) :rolleyes:
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Weekend at last

Steve, the weathering looks good, and those trees, Ive seen some like that before.. :rolleyes:

First some proto pics from local lines The first one is in Central Manchester


This one is in Uppermiill Saddleworth


And to the model last week Jos (Grove Den) suggested a link for water for my beach, thanks here are the results





Steve B

John NICE, i take it you are minus one item in the christmas decoration box this year;) thats the way to do it.


Thought I would get in on this weekend's fun and frolic with a couple CSX units on the highline.(actually my N scale photo diorama.


Locos are both ATLAS,lead unit is an SD50 in YN3 ,and the trailing unit is aSD60M in Brite Future,followed by a Lifelike boxcar in GVR livery and a Roundhouse Railbox.

I am a freelancer from the word go,but it seems that I have more CSX locos than Grande Valley Railway. :eek:
Arrgo, why are you tearing down your layout? :eek: :confused: I didn't get the full story from any of the forums that we're both what's the deal?

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Steve, Nice work! The weathering looks great. I always love the shots of your kids enjoying the trains. I can think of few things better for building great childhood memories than that! :)

John, Nice beach scene. I can't help but wonder if there's a McDonalds nearby. ;)

Johnathan, Nice CSX shot. I love the CSX! :cool:

Aggro, Say it ain't so. I missed the story too. Please do tell. Yours is a layout that would be a true shame to see go. :(

As ya'll know, we've been doing more train chasing lately than modeling. That being the case, I'll kick in two proto shots from yesterday. We'll get back to modeling soon...

"BNSF Backlit"

exATSF SD40-2 crosses the river to switch Vulcan Asphalt near Cordova, Al.

Steve B

Josh have a look at this, it's the control tower for the Ribble Steam railway and swing bridge over the River Ribble at Preston, the trains and cars run over the same bridge, when a boat comes both have to wait till the bridge is turned


and just down the line as an 0-4-0 saddle tank passes with two coaches


Ignorance is Patriotic
These pictures are actually from last weekend, but oh well!

I recently finished decaling and weathering some 17 Walthers Trinity 2-bay cement hoppers for my modern-day New York Central. They are shown below on a cement plant module at the Colorado Great Western Model Railroad Club:








SCROLL --->>>


SCROLL --->>>


And my favorite...

Notice the hump by the loading area. (using gravity to move the cut of cars)

SCROLL --->>>



Diesel Detail Freak
mtrpls I might have to copy some of those cars, considering I have THIS to model... Check out the number of 2 bay covered hoppers! Use "Bird's Eye" to view both...

It seems the search keeps loading the push pins, if it does, check out 14 & 15 respectively.


I, Aggro...
Arrgo, why are you tearing down your layout? :eek: :confused: I didn't get the full story from any of the forums that we're both what's the deal?

The current SP&E is for the most part, my level from about 3 years ago. But has been altered and modernized as time went on. its a creature of patchwork and modification. Still looks pretty damn good in person though. I feel i can do a little better on some parts of the scenery. Now if I start a new layout with the skills I have now, it should be a killer. Plus the SP&E has many fundamental design issues. This was my first shelf layout. All the mistakes I learned from building this will be corrected when I do it again. More solid benchwork. Wider track radi all around. More side clearance for my giant steamers. Not as much track crammed into my relatively small space. More track electricity feeders. Better backdrop. More structures. rr track crossing some form of water. Improved rock work all aound. AND, because I love the area, I want to include a large desertish Cajon type scene.


I, Aggro...
mtrpls--impressive wide shots.

grandeman-- Any time you destroy somthing you've worked on for 3 years, its gonna hurt. But I think of it as a new begining.

Steve B

Way to go AGGRO your right, as long as it will be better do it, you won't have any regrets

John It keep's getting bigger and bigger, the only scary thing is the fall off the side. Is that Vitrains 37 the new updated release model, you will have to buy some regional railways Mk2's to go with it now ;)


Ignorance is Patriotic
Cool shots, Josh. Do you plan on modeling the facility in full scale, and use the same number of hoppers? I'm actually quite fond of using Local Live and Google Earth to do some "armchair railfanning"!

If you really want some NYCS cement cars, I will be doing up another batch sometime soon. Let me know if you're interested.

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