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To all the cat lovers,

For those of you that may be interested, here is a link to the Chessie SD40-2 #7614 that I am trying to build from a newer standard Athearn RTR undec. I am sorry for the poor quality of the pics! I was not familiar with the camera I was using because it was not mine. I promise to post better pics when I am completely done which hopefully won't be too long. You may notice that some "eh-em" important parts are missing in the pics. I have not added these parts (i.e: MU hoses, main airline, sanding hoses and brackets,
fuel filter, ECAFB, and traction motor cables, not to mention the cab doors, class lights etc.) to ease the painting process. If there are any questions or comments, I would like to know. This is not my first model, or loco detail job, but it is my first completely built up loco, so any criticism is welcome! ;)

here is the loco being modeled:

here is my attempt at a smaller version:

About the construction, the model started out as a plain-jane Athearn RTR SD40-2 w/116" nose (I couldn't find one with the correct 88" nose). The new Athearn line-up has really been stepped up! See through fans, flush mounted glass, sliding windows and grab irons. Unfortunately, there are STILL no MU hoses, sanding brackets, coupler
cut bars, and treaded walkways. I like these new Athearn's better though due to the fact that whatever you add yourself always looks more realistic and scale.

So far, I have cut the old nose off, added a Cannon and Company 88" nose, Cannon and Company cab, side mounted bell, coupler cut bars, Chessie rock pilot, the proper low profile rock pilot on the rear, brass treaded walkway and steps, and of course, the K5 on the roof. Due to the fact there are no "small" sunshades available, I had to make my own from brass stock. The only detail I have not been able to locate was the "knuckle basket" (should be located behind the ECAFB) I have a few more detail parts to add, but thats the majority of it.
Right now I am waiting for my wife to send my airbrush and decals so I can continue...I can't wait! Well, I hope you all enjoy the shots!



Fleeing from Al
Looks like excellent work so far. I like the walkway treads you've added. I suspect that things like walkway treads are something few modelers will miss and would add substantially to the molding costs for Athearn. Things like MU cables are tricky now since many locomotives only have one or two MU cables left so leaving those to the modeler I think is a good idea. I agree about the coupler cut levers and sanding brackets, especially since these parts are difficult for modelers of average skill to add.


Great work. I'm surprised you didn't just kill the sub-base while you were at it.

As for the coupler box, Plano is working on one, not sure when it'll be available, but:
Yeah, I seriously don't know why I didn't either! I had slight fitting issues, but they seem to be almost completely resolved now. I giess I figured that the mailbox style battery doors would suffice the remake of the sub base. I think it will be ok...Of course its STILL not too late to the the sub base too you know? Thanks for the compliments guys!


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