Fellow MRR needs a weeee bit of help!!

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Yipes you sure feel violated after that and vulnerable . I guess no matter where you live your not safe!!


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I can say they knew what they were looking for when they got to the RR room.
The first thing that comes to my mind is that it was well planned, and whoever they were, were there before as a visitor. It would seem they knew where the stuff was kept, and also knew the value of the items. If they weren't marked for identification, that would be too bad because if not I also suspect they'll be on sale at some model rail show or swap meet. So with friends or associates like that who needs enemy's.

Cheers Willis


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Well after reading the complete forum up to today's date. One thing no one has mentioned...

It is obvious that these 3 persons knew him
It is obvious they have been there before in his home (one of them or all).
It is obvious they knew what they were going for.
It is obvious it was well planned due to the route for attack and escape.
It is obvious they knew the owner was not home.
It is obvious these persons have knowledge of MRR.
It is obvious they know the value of these items.

My query is this...

Are these people or person a MRR themselves or a seller as in a Hobby Store owner or dealer etc?

So what I am saying is... does the owner know his LHS well enough to trust?

It is a thought yet very disturbing.

Sad all of this. in light of all this we a can stand to learn from this in many ways. Which can spin off a lot forum discussions. Some that we have discussed before. At times like this it is good to learn and then apply what we learn.

The following are some points & topics I could think of. if you could add to it do so to help and learn how to protect ourselves in some fashion.

1. Inventory programs including pictures

2. Insurance coverage and even seperate insurance for all or certain items.

3. Evaluate your circle of friends vs. mere aquaintences. As mentioned on the other forum if you invite your friend tell him not to extend invitations to people you do not know.

4. Evaluate yourself when you do "open houses' maybe only do an invitation only and not a free for all. If anything have a MANDATORY guest book for every person to sign in on no exceptions! This key for helping out weed out suspect in an event of a robbery etc.

5. Evaluate yourself and your family members on your discussions of "Oh we are going on vacation on this date then we will be back on this date." Cross exam yourself on who you tell or should not tell.

6. Home security system this really is a biggie. in this day and age it is unfortunate but the reallity is that you have to take this kind of preventive measure.

These are my thoughts and points thus far. if you would care to add or comment please do. I would not wish this to happen to any one. I can say this at least no one was hurt nor was his home destroyed.



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I am replying again to drum up the importance of this nature....to keep this topic on going....

I would really like to hear your input guys...thanks

point to add to my previous list....

#7. Also in your invoice valid information on your valuation of your items. Basically information that leads to concrete evidence of what your items are worth. Usually more than one type source is best besides using e-bay. ( although e-bay is a good start for appreciation value or rarity)


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get me a bat and a rope thats all i need for those criminals,humm... I better go invatory my equipment


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Two guys and a girl, to be exact, in their early 20's. The ring leader had visited the home a couple of weeks earlier, and had brought an unkown partner under the pretext of being a model railroader.

They took several of the best kits to an LHS only three miles away, and of course the owner had to work hard to keep a straight face.

Life unfolds as it should. :D


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Nice end to a nasty story. I would have loved to have been in that LHS when they showed up.



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Alright! Kudos to the owner! It worked out because of 3 things...

A he made a list and distributed it to his LHS and club members as well on the other forum. (should tell about this forum...tee hee)

B he had a distinguished trademark made by him on the boxes for personal ID

C had pictures of the items.

All in all we should re-evaluate this situation although it ended up in a happy ending and no was hurt but there were some mistakes that he himself admitted to doing wrong. If you read the other forum you can see his comments of admission of not self guarding. He was to trusting to strangers he didnt know.

A lesson to be learned. As I posted earlier on this thread with points of safe guarding and preventive measures. I would like to hear your comments for refinement and discussions. On the other forum my post was copied and pasted over there. It made some people upset that I pointed out the possibility that a LHS could be suspect. This was not to offend anyone. It has been my expirience to not rule anyone out.... all are possibilities to being suspects. The owner never said in the beginning if he had a relationship of any kind with his LHS but it turned out that he did and it ended up that the LHS was the one who caught the bad guys. (yippee) I am glad it all worked out.

Anyways I would like to hear from ya!

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