Faller Car System

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My first HO layout, Junction Marvels, features moving cars. Here is a video from my YouTube channel at BunnMichael.


Anybody else have Faller Car experience? I have been installing DCcar decoders in my cars to increase functions, just like you do with DCC loco's
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Junction Marvels Photos - Under Construction

Here is a picture of my HO layout with Faller Car System, DCcar decoders, Front Runner commuter train from Utah, Shuttle Booster frieght train, standard freight train, city, and the spiral mountian just starting to take shape. The modern layout is loosely based on Ogden Utah and surrounding areas. The real shuttle booster freight train is headed up echo canyon, on it's way to Florida, after leaving the plant near Promontory Utah.
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Wow! That's really cool. I like that. Good job!

But I was a little distracted when you rear-ended your train when it upcoupled and your locomotive smashed into the back of it coming around the loop.


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Under construction - warts and all

Yes, I have both the trains and cars not responding correctly in a few places on the layout... down from several warts just a few months ago. I assume you where also distracted with the bus hitting the curb at the intersection.

I'm running the trains and cars to work the bugs out one at a time. Not easy keeping track of three moving trains, seven moving cars, and a camera all at the same time.

This is a learning project under construction with main focus on the Faller cars. I intend to show the warts, and all, until I have a smooth running automated operation sometime in the future.


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holy hell....this made me completely rethink my plans for my next layout. Will definitely be incorporating a complete Faller Car System in it.


I am interested in the Faller Car system, but I am looking at replacing the modern European vehicle bodies with vehicles more suited to my mid 50s C&O layout. I think I will start by trying to convert one of the trucks or buses, using the new Classic Metal Works Greyhound Scenic Cruiser bus body.



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Truck Conversion to Faller

Hi Jim,

Yes, the cool thing about the Faller system is you can convert most any vehicle you like to the system. Here is a YouTube video of an American style Brush Fire truck from Boley I converted to the Faller car system.


Only draw back is some parts are best obtained from Europe - steering arm, drive motor, charge socket, decoder. For this brush fire truck the parts I obtained from USA suppliers were the 2ea 1/2 AAA batteries, reed switch, on/off switch, and of course the truck.
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Anybody else have Faller Car experience?
The Greeley Freight Station Museum uses the Faller system. There are three loops. One for logging trucks, one in-city loop, and one highway loop. Each loop has a vehicle metering system to vary which vehicles are making the loops and to control the number on the "road" at any given time. The in-city loop has street lights that change and stop the vehicles when appropriate. We even have a school bus that can put on the "stop" lights for which the vehicles also must stop. When the museum is open there is one volunteer assigned to constantly monitor them. They like to jump the track and switch lanes.

I actually just had an some ideas yesterday (Saturday) on how to make them more reliable.


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Reliable Car Running

Iron Horseman,

I would like to here your idea for increased track reliability.

Five of my cars will run on my wood and wire track with very few track jumps now that I have tuned the road. A few, that have not had the steering Arm/magnet, or wheels, tuned or retuned precisely jump more often.

I have a separate modular track made using magnetic tape along with the wire at turn points (most likely jump points), and 0.010" styrene road surface. This track is more reliable and not as hard on the vehicles. The cars will also run longer on a battery charge.

Just like train track joints, the Faller car track must be made with care and precision to prevent derailment.


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Derailment tunning

Train uncouple on video.

I changed the supplied couplers out with Kadee Metal couplers and tuned the coupler mating height. Tonight I ran two trains up and down the double track spiral mountain for nearly an hour without an un-couple incident. I doubt all the warts are gone on these two trains and will continue with several more sessions before I am satisfied with the operation of these two trains on the layout.

While the trains ran, I also fixed the bus hitting curb wart by adding extra Faller wire to the road at that part of the turn. The bus is a new addition to the layout. None of the other six trucks were jumping here. I will likely continue track testing for both trains and cars for several more sessions.


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Has anyone done a DC car system on their layout? I would like to know if this is something I can get here in America and have on my layout. I'm not ready for this part but I would like to know if this would be something to plan for.


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