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I didn't want to hijack D&J's power pole connectors thread, so I'm starting this one. I have had a Digitrax system since the late 90's. I was ready to try something else, and based on some recommendations I purchased the ESu cab control. Nice little box, has Ethernet connection for the computer interface. I have gone back to using the Digitrax system, for the following reasons. 1) touch screen, I'm so used to being able to press buttons with out looking, that I found it to be an annoyance having to look at the screen every time I wanted to just ring the bell, or blow the horn. Yes I know, that the side buttons can be programmed for this, but I wanted to use those for other things. 2) And this is the biggest reason, I found the throttle to be very forward heavy, I found it tired my hand, and I was always worried it would slip out. Currently I'm using the Cab Controller, as my bench testing DCC, using JMRI, and I have successfully linked the ESu Mobile Controller 2 to my Digitrax system using the LNWI. At least that way I don't feel like I'm out anything.

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I went through that attempt to integrate the ESU with my Digitrax stuff. What a PITA. Every step needed another integration board from ESU. Additional file downloads and my ESU dealer started this non-sense of hidden files and secret files to make things work right. Really? secret files that aren't available to any and all ESU users? What is that about? punishment for something. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. ESU thinks American model railroaders are real dolts because we like to run our trains in loops. They like to program all their train moves then just sit back and watch the railroad run itself. So, why should I buy a product from a company that has contempt for me and doesn't give me the whole operating system? ESU can take their stuff and jump off a cliff.


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I went from DC to RailPro to dead rail using Railpro to selling it all for ESU because I wanted better sound and to use the ProtoThrottle and 2 years later I have 2 PT’s In spite of ESU. I do not recommend the ESU Cab Control system and wish at times to be back into “dead rail“ or power on board as they are trying to rename it. The ESU system looks nice is nice but try to program something, I am not a IT guy but I not afraid of computers. IMO it is not worth it. I agree that other then Matt Herman, ESU has a look down at you factor with the support staff. If it wasn’t for the Facebook page for ESU, I would have sold 3 months after purchase.


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