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The everknowing one,LOL
Hello to N scalers and Model railroaders,

While surfing the ebay site, I came across items that I belive to be mine. ex employer has posted 11 locos with decoders , dcc system with 2 hand held throttles.

ebay id is,, rdls7556. I am in the process of contacting law enforcement and ebay about this.

Just beware is all I ask, thank you



The everknowing one,LOL
Ok here is the explantion.

I worked for this man for 3+ years. I had lived in a house owned by his wife and him. So they took rent out of my paycheck. It came to a point that I needed to borrow some money. It turned into a major probelm. They withheld 3 of my weekly paychecks.

Becuase the husband and wife did not communicate. So I ended up owing twice what I borrowed which was 1275$. I realized that I could not live like this,,( no money for 3 weeks). I had decided that I needed to get a different job and move away.

While moving on a saturday, they came by the house with a couple of other people and requested that I stop moving my stuff out, and leave the property. We came to the verbal agreement that once they were paid back what was owed to them, I would get my belongings back.

I was told by the neighbors later, that the first things they loaded up to take to thier house was my train collection and my tools, and compressor.

So there you have it, you don't have to believe me. But it is the truth.



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Hi Wyatt, we have no reason not to believe you and if all is recorded in police reports you eventually will get your items back. It more than likely will take time but it will happen. It took us 3 years and two trips to the supreme court to get what was rightfully ours, so I wish you the best of luck. It would appear there were other laws broken in withholding your pay, that is definitely not allowed in Canada without a court order for garnishee of a portion of wages, and I would doubt it is any different in the US. Keep us posted on how this turns out.


Just did a search on ebay and that ID has no items for sale so I guess the items were pulled from the auctions.
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The everknowing one,LOL
I did not mean for everyone to get in a uproar about this. I was just trying to get the story out there. My mistake I am sorry. Called Sherriffs office, said since verbal agreement was made, nothing they can do.

Ijust want all of this to go away.



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Can understand... Souds kind of like they ripped you off, but yet I don't know the full story, yeah...


Don't take sheriff's statement as the state of the law. Contact an attorney. May depend on if your state has a landlord's lien law.


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CBCNSfan said:
Just did a search on ebay and that ID has no items for sale so I guess the items were pulled from the auctions.

They're still there and by the descriptions alone, I would say that he doesn't
know a lot about model trains. There is an A/B set that he is describing as a
locomotive and a rail car...

He is also listing some Hot Wheels... are these also your's? Good luck, Dave


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Sounds like a case for small claims court. Here in Illinois though they would have no right to hold your belongings till they get their money and I'm pretty sure it's the same everywhere else. As far as the verbal agreement, different states have different rules.

Old 97

Hey Wyatt,

Just curious............

A) How old are you?
b) Have you contacted an attorney??
c) How long ago did all of this happen???

The method they used to garnish your wages and remove you from the property sounds like a crime.

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