DRGW GP60 Paint Question


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I am modeling a DRGW GP60 and was wondering if anybody know who makes the best match for the Orange that you see around the front number boards. I have Orange frame stripes but need to know the best orange for this project

Thanks in advance

When I painted some Rio Grande locos, I mixed the orange. It has been several years now so I don't remember exactly what I mixed. I remember I couldn't find one that matched exactly. As it turned out, the weathering took care of any mismatches. There are a couple photos on the Northwest RPM site:

They were in the 2005 meet photos which have been replaced so look here:

I think the frame stripe, pilots and number board area were all the same orange.

Hope that helps,
This is a good question, as the Grande used different colors thru the years. I wish I could tell you a specific brand to match the proto GP60's "Anschutz" Orange, but that's a later date than we model. I'm guessing that you'll have to try and match it. The fine folks at the Colorado Railroad Museum might possibly be able to provide you with more info.

ETA: I can't see a difference in the number boards and the rest of the loco.
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