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How do you paint the mortar lines on the DPM HO brick buildings? The bricks seem so tiny, I've tried painting all over an area then before it's quite dry, wiping it off. So far I'm not overly satisfied with the effect.

Cheers Willis
try this:

let the paint dry a bit more, then wrap the rag in a block of wood to keep it from reaching into the mortar lines. Also get the rag damp-ish with thinner.
OK kind of similar to what I was trying, except for the block of wood. I was using the craft paints and a rag wetted with water. What kind of paint do you use?

Cheers Willis
can't remember exactly but it was either Tamiya acrylic or Polly S.

a tip for water based paints: thin them with isopropyl alcohol. it dries a bunch faster.
a tip for water based paints
Ahh! thats where maybe I went wrong, Thanks again Ill try the isopropyl next time, too late for the Power plant.

Cheers Willis
Hi Andy, well it's a good kit, and well done. There is a bit of craftsmanship required for section alignment, and cutting the roof panels. I would reccomend assembly on a flat surface with a horizontal and 90 deg. vertical alignment pieces to keep the walls straight while cementing ( this I did not do ) but the kit survived anyway.
There were a couple pieces missing from the package, I informed my supplier and he in turn notified DPM, who sent me the pieces with a letter of apology and explaination. My only problem was painting the tiny brick mortar lines which I made an acceptable mess of. Instructions for painting above :D

Cheers Willis