digitrax help

ok, on the digitrax website, i was really hoping to get the Digitrax Super Empire Builder. But in the description, it ways it come with no power supply. but in the list it says it includes this, DB150 Command Station/Booster With Intelligent AutoReverse. This item is 5 amps, would i be able to wire that to the track to run some trains, so i dont have to buy a main power supply?

Any help would be appreciated


Yes the DB150 is what you hook up to the track, what it meant when it listed as is with no power supply on the website was the power supply for the DB150. The DB150 is the command station that sends the signals along the rails to the engines. For your other question you will need a power supply to power the DB150.
thanks nick, but where would i buy a power supply for the thing that u plug into the track? and about how much would this thing cost?