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Anyone else see this?

On 05/22/2009 Digitrax stopped shipping DT400, DT400R, Super Empire Builder Sets and Super Chief Sets in preparation for the release of new products.
The week of 06/22/09 Digitrax will begin shipping the new DT402, DT402R, DT402D throttles and UR92 duplex radio transceivers. The following week, we will begin shipping the new Xtra Starter Sets with DT402 Series throttles. Note: Shipments of duplex radio equipment to countries Outside the US, Canada and New Zealand will begin as soon as the required certifications for those countries are completed.
Supports 29 functions: F0-F28 (Note that F0 is actually two functions F0Forward and F0Reverse)
Convenient Step By Step Throttle Option Set Up
i. Makes it simple to customize DT402 series throttles using throttle option set up
ii. Throttle instructions are much less cryptic and easier to understand
Tethered operation is supported by the DT402
All DT402 series throttles are Infra-Ready and will work with UR90 IR receivers and the IR receivers in the UR91 & UR92 also.
Simplex Radio continues to be supported by the DT402R/UR91 combination.
Duplex Radio is supported by the DT402D/UR92 combination
There is a small price increase on the new products due to increased manufacturing costs.

DT402D is the Duplex Radio version of the DT402 throttle.
UR92 is the Duplex Radio Transceiver. It sends AND receives information to and from the layout and the DT402D throttles respectively. It also includes support for sending InfraRed signals to the layout as well. Simplex Radio communication is NOT supported in the UR92 but will run on any LocoNet layout at the same time as Duplex Radio.
UR92 is a fully-compatible LocoNet device which means all three technologies (Infrared, Simplex Radio and Duplex Radio) will work at the same time on your LocoNet system:
i. Simplex Radio using UR91 and DT402R, DT400R, UT4R and other throttles with part numbers ending in R can be run on the same LocoNet as Duplex equipment
ii. InfraRed operation with UR90 IR receivers can also be run on the same LocoNet as Duplex equipment.
Duplex Radio operates in the 2.4 Ghz band.
Supports dozens of duplex throttles at the same time.
One UR92 will provide adequate coverage for most layouts.
Duplex Radio range is approximately a 300 ft diameter circle
The Group Name feature allows multiple layouts to operate independently in close proximity to each other, such as at a train show.
Duplex Radio allows
i. Locomotive selection and operation without the need to plug in to LocoNet
ii. All programming modes can be used without plugging in
iii. Duplex link to/from the layout
iv. Use of existing LocoNet devices without modification, simply plug in UR92 and start using DT402D throttles.

All existing orders for DT400 will be converted to DT402.
All existing orders for DT400R will be converted to DT402D.
All existing UR91 orders will be converted automatically to UR92.

New Super Empire Builder Xtra Sets and Super Chief Xtra Sets will begin shipping the week of 06/29/09.
Command Station/Boosters DCS100/200 & DB150 will remain the same.
All Non-radio Xtra Starter Sets will include the DT402 throttles.
All Radio Xtra Starter Sets will include DT402D & UR92 Duplex Radio components.
Starter sets with simplex radio will no longer be available.
Simplex radio will continue to be supported through sales of DT402R and UR91's, they will just not be available as a starter set any longer.

CHANGE OVER OF EXISTING STARTER SET ORDERS AND NEW STARTER SET ORDERS: All existing orders for Super Empire Builder Sets will be converted to Super Empire Builder Xtra Sets.
All existing orders for Super Chief Sets will be converted to Super Chief Xtra Sets.
Orders for new Xtra Starter Sets, SCFX, SCFX8, SCFXD, SCFXD8, SEBX, SEBXD will be accepted beginning June 15, 2009.

End users will be offered a conversion program for existing DT400s beginning in September 2009
Please let your customers know to hold on to their existing throttles until September. Throttles received from end users for conversion before September will not be processed until then
Units are not field convertible
Digitrax will handle all conversions in our Panama City, FL facility
Additional details of the end user conversion program will be announced on our website as soon as they are available.

Existing Throttle Upgrade To New Additional Features
Upgrade Price
29 Functions Simplex
Radio Duplex Radio
DT400 DT402 x $25.00
DT400 DT402R x x $50.00
DT400 DT402D x x $65.00

DT400R DT402R x x $25.00
DT400R DT402D x x $65.00

UTILITY THROTTLES: UT4R will continue in the product line indefinitely. UT4D is scheduled for release in Fall 2009. Pricing to be determined.

In the June Model Railroad News and in July's Model Railroader® you will find our ad announcing the Digitrax "No Worries Warranty." We are formalizing the way we have been handling our warranty returns for a while now - not only covering factory-related equipment failure, but also including coverage for accidental damage for up to one year after purchase. This truly makes our warranty "worry free" and should give your customers additional peace of mind in their decision to purchase Digitrax products.

The Warranty process remains the same. We encourage end users to complete the repair form on our website and contact us before any product is returned for repair. Customers still need to provide a copy of their purchase receipt showing that the purchase was within a year.



Fleeing from Al
Hadn't seen that until you posted it, CJ. Looks like quite an interesting feature set. I wonder how "small" the price increase will be? :)


Crusty Old Geezer
Just small enough to make it painful, Jim, I'd bet.

I wonder if it's a software change or a hardware upgrade. If a software change, the old systems could be upgraded by a download...... Just wonderin'...



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It "sounds" to me as if a conversion for someone with a DT400 or two and the DB150 from the original SEB will run about the cost of a new Zephyr, probably about $30 more.

I won't really need that conversion as my layout is rather small. The tethers get me to where I need to go. Well...maybe not to the staging yard.....hmmm..


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I like the "throttle instructions will be less cryptic & easier to understand"

Duplex radio is really nice. NCE's radio system has always been duplex. no plugging in to acquire a loco or set up consists. Should be nice...for all you Digitrax users :D:p

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