Decoder for proto GP38-2


Anyone know the best decoder to use for the newest release Proto GP38-2's? I bought a DH163L0 and installed it. It took the initial address program, but then lost it as soon as I cut power to the track. I put the decoder in a GP7 and an SD60M and it worked fine. I then put the same decoder in another GP38-2 and it acted the same way in the second loco (lost it's program as soon as track power was cut). Best thing I can think is that it's the wrong decoder for the application. Has anyone experienced the same problem or know what the problem is?
Dk-espee.Yes,as a matter of fact I had almost the same exact problem. I put a DH163-LO in my L&N GP-38-2,and it took the program,but would not run. What it turned out to be,was the number board lights were causing a short. What a friend told me to do is,if you want,wire the number board lights into one of the fx ports on the DHLO board. Also,you might want to go to Tony's Trains Exchange website,and see what they say. Good luck,I hope this helps you some.William.