Dang it Billy Bob!

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Didn't Ma learn you bettern that? Gimme that dang pistol...

NWR #200 said:
How exactly did you do that. I'll need a few lineside signs with that exquisite detail.

The sign is a Blair line kit. The bullet holes were made with a small hand drill and #74 bit . I then dipped an awl in silver for the bullet hole effects. Total time, including cutting out, glueing the post and weathering the sign, about 10 minutes.
I'm glad ya'll like Billy Bob's handiwork. He's out of the hole punching business now that Jimmy Mac took his pistol and told Ma what happened... :D

Thanks to everyone for your comments. Coming from a talented crowd like this they mean alot. I posted it more for it's humor value than anything (living in the South, I know Billy Bob :D ), but I think this sign has gotten more response than any other single detail on our RR. Sometimes it's the simple things that matter most.
Hi all. Here's the latest rendition of this scene. We're thinking about submitting it to Model Railroader's Trackside Photos. I'm open to suggestions to make it better. One thing I see is that the bullet holes are to large. Also, there could be more weeds. Keep in mind, I'll have a friend that's a professional photographer shoot a high res shot of the scene. That'll take care of the photography issues.

A local switch crew discusses a recent rash of vandalism with local police. Note the serious nature of the cops, one has a doughnut and the other a cup of coffee. :D