D14SR Decoder install


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Just recently bought a new Atlas GP7 MEC. Great paint job, nice detail. Wanted to take the easy way out and bought a NCE D14SR which just plugs into the board on the motor. Went to put the shell back on and guess what. It doesn't fit. Seems that the decoder, as small as it is, is just large enough to interfere with the shell area where the cab fits in.

By the way, whether it is NCE's, Digitrax, or TCI's the problem is the same. I really hate to have to cut into the frame too much and having to change to a DASR type decoder to alleviate the problem may be my only answer.

Anyone else see this problem?

Bob A.
Bob just how much interference do you have in the fitting? Or how much more room do you need? When building my MLW RS18, the Athearn motor spread the sides of the shell a bit. I resolved the problem by shaving enough plastic off inside the body shell, so that the motor didn't touch the body. If it's only a little clearance you need this could be one way.

Cheers Willis
Get out the x-acto blades and give it a try, just scrape a bit and then try for fit
Cheers Willis

So after my complaining, :D all i really had to do was cut out some of the clear plastic that carry's the light to the front headlight. :eek: Much quicker than buying a DASR and redoing the whole light board. Plus it had the new bright white LED's. Runs like a charm.
I see that the posts are old, but today I have questions of NCE D14SR decoder.
I couldn’t to do that:
- light in the loco cabin switch off after some seconds when the loco begin to move.
- headlight is dim when loco is stop and bright when loco begin to move.
I couldn’t understand or I do smth. correct or NCE D14SR decoder doesn’t to do it.