Custom 2-bay Centerflow

Mellow Mike

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One of my favorite cars to do are the Front Range/McKean 2-bays. I stripped a SOUTHERN one and replicated an ecclectic local car. Ash Grove Cement with the requisite NRLX patchover. I didn't splurge for a Plano metal walkway - but added some wire grabs and stirrups to upgrade it a little.

Hi Mike, well my opinion is I'm looking at the work of a real artist. How long does it take you to complete one car?

Cheers Willis
Thank you, Willis.

I'm probably the slowest modeler around. Anyone who sees me sell these cars on a certain auction site knows I produce about 2-3 per month. Compared to the rest who list anywhere from a half dozen a week to 12 per month. But they typically weather a car out of the box. I've been trying to be different, and make custom schemes and roadnames. That adds time to the process.

Some nights it's an hour or less. But on weekends, I will work for a few hours straight. I have to let things dry overnight in some instances.
Hi Mike, for the quality of work you are turning out in regards to time I'd say you are doing pretty darn good. I have a friend who is an artist ( He says he's not ) but when you can stand in front of a painting real close, and see all the detail ( like the spokes in the wheel of a full rigged ship ) and not gobs of paint, that's an artist. It takes him a long time to do a painting because he wants it right. My own opinion of the cars you're turning out is they are real show pieces, keep em comming :)

Cheers Willis
Wow that is some great weathering, the rust on the ladders is a nice touch.