Could use some diesel ID help

I have 2 diesels I wish to list on ebay and could use help knowing what to call them. Thanks in advance!!!

First one is PRR it is dark green and is a Rivarossi made in Italy chassis.


Second one is Central Railroad Company of New Jersey and it say made in Austria.


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The PRR is a U25C. Imported by AHM. Relatively one of their better diesel chassis. Pro-It had an 8 wheel drive via universals. Con-Large Pizza Cutter flanges and stamped handrails.

On the CNJ, I'm not up on Alcos, maybe alco 420? 424? Since made in Austria could be original MRC import? They imported an alco in late 80's. Good overall model but suffered from gear problems similar to P2K's.

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Oh, FNV, You're welcome!

Carey, I enjoyed learning who manufactured the model though! So I may have 'Beat" you, but you expanded upon it! :)
The last one is a GG1, not a E unit. AHM, not 100% sure because I am not up on them. Someone on here will know though.
Ok, the NH (New Haven) Black/Orange/White loco is known as an EP-5 "Jet" (as the crews called them)

The Brown locomotive is indeed a GG1.
Thank you all for the support as usual. It is nice to have a place to turn where someone or a group of someones is always around to take interest. I am doing pretty good on my Ebay junk so far.

Thanks, Tom