Converting a Marklin three rail 40503 DB IC Cab Control carriage to two rail


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I know it is not recommended practice, but unfortunately at this time the only version of this carriage is available from Marklin at a reasonable price. It looks almost identical to the old Roco offering 45262. Second hand prices are almost as much and sometimes more than new!

I am an engineer by profession and this isn't my first rodeo.

The third rail contact is fitted on the rear bogie pivot, it is obviously independent of the bogie moulding as it moves slightly relative to the bogie, however, I can't see how it is fixed. There is a plastic holder somehow clipped to the centre pivot and the copper flat spring of the pick up is folded around that to secure it.

Appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to remove the third rail pickup and its associated holder / mount.

Many thanks in advance