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Trying to consist a LokPilot Standard decoder to my LokSound Select decoder. I have no problem getting them to run together with cv19 but I can not get the headlights or # boards (F5) set up right. On the LokSound Select decoder you of course use CV21-22 to set up the functions but the LokPilot does not have cv21-22 and there is nothing in the manual about setting up functions in regards to consisting. Anyone have any experience with these?


Mark R.

Custom Painter
Personally, I don't utilize CVs 21 and 22 .... maybe it's the way my systems handles consists. (?) When I consist two or more engines, they RUN on the consist address, but I can control the lights by calling up each engine's individual address.

Say I consist engines 1, 2 and 3 with 1 in the lead. My consist address automatically becomes 1 as I designate it as the lead unit. If I run the consist in reverse direction, the consist address still remains 1 (unless I rebuild the consist with 3 as the lead). I dial up 3, turn on the lights, then dial 1 back up and run.

This method of consisting is created in the command station, not the decoder - CV19 is not utilized using this method.



Gomez Addams
Staff member
If you use decoder pro, you can specify which functions follow the consist address. You can make function 5, usually number boards, function with the consist.
Mark, I use a MRC Prodigy Advanced2. I know exactly what your speaking of in regards to using the consist creation in the command station. I do believe in the past when Ive tried that with my system it will consist the locos but none of the functions will respond when hitting the appropriate F buttons. I don't know if that's an MRC thing? I do know Ive used digitrax before and didn't have those problems when consisting units.

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