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L.A.P.T. Fan
ok I have no room for a layout, so I was wondering is a club a good alternitive. I was thinking of joining the LAMRS club, or the one in Norwalk, but heres the thing I was wondering what is the Pro's and Con's of Club Life


Southern Railway lives on
Would definently be running long trains. Meeting other Model Railroaders. The knowledge of a club combines is usually pretty deep.

Would be you can't do exactly as you would want. You might have to work on stuff that you are unfamiliar with. There are dues but those usually aren't bad



Lazy Daydreamer
Some of my happiest memories are my days with the BSME when I was a teenager. Didn't have a layout, but that didn't stop me from amassing a HUGE collection of Athearn B-B's in B&O, C&O and WM paint schemes. Spent most of the week painting and detailing them, them on Friday nite I would run them at the club. Suited me just fine!:)

I guess one of the cons would be, stuff on the layout that doesn't really match your modeling era.

Steve B

Like what's been said allready, you would meet other model railroaders which is a good thing as the knowledge of the group can normally overcome some complex problems. You could run train's that you would not be able to do at home and through layout building or repair you would get valuable knowledge. We have a club close by but due to familly issues i can't go but i'd love to in future


I'm a member of the Windsor Modular Railroad Club here in Windsor. We are a pretty easy going bunch. We don't have a set era or location, so we run what ever we want. Sometimes you see steam pulling intermodal, but we always have fun.
My best advise to you is to go check out the local clubs and see if they offer what you're looking for.


L.A.P.T. Fan
I think I will, I want to run 3 Locomotive consistis, as well as 3-4 Autoracks followed by a string Intermodal so a Club just might be my best Idea


I'm considering joining a local club. In fact, all I have left to do is mail my application. They've got a big layout, very well done, and it seems like a great operation. I'll keep you posted on how things go once I join.

One obvious downside is that the layout has a specific theme and era. The era suits me just fine, and while I like the Pacific Northwest scheme, it does mean much of my rolling stock won't be able to run on the layout. (So... Just how did that PRR coal train end up in Seattle again? Wrong turn at Chicago, left at Denver, right at Salt Lake....)

The other issue I've run into before is politics. Some clubs have it worse than others. Personally I have no interest in being prez or any other office, so that shouldn't be an issue here.


Southern Railway lives on
The other issue I've run into before is politics. Some clubs have it worse than others. Personally I have no interest in being prez or any other office, so that shouldn't be an issue here.

The club I go to is small enough so we don't really have to deal with that kind of stuff. I don't have any interest in being a club president, but it wouldn't be that bad.



Diesel Detail Freak
HEH, I'll avoid the club talk, I have some of the better larger club railroads here, and I've avoided joining...


I have belong to several clubs over the years and I am now active member of 2 clubs..A HO and a N Scale club..I am also a inactive life member of another HO club due to health reasons and the need to climb 3 flights of stairs.
I have met many wonderful modelers through these clubs and some still remain friends.
I was also a active member of the NMRA and met several wonderful modelers.
The main thing to remember like anything else you only get out of it what you put in it..In other words be a active member the club or your local NMRA Division.


Drum Driver
Everyone has hit the nail on the head. I had several layouts when I was single and had the extra room. how in a relationship and children and a small home I don't have the "dream layout" I'd like. I had a train meeting years ago at my home and spoke of a club but that kinda trickled off...then a couple years away from the hobby, a club formed at our local hobby show..On my next visit there he told me about it so I showed up that week. I was always a freelance guy and ran whatever I felt like. (mostly PRR/Conrail) tho) so when I went they were into the local lines that were here between a narrow gauge and standard line that interconnected in the same town that our club is located.... I love both steam and diesel and they just happen to be building everything in the 50's transition period. I knew it would be a challenge to copy all the local structures because they are not available so everything would have to be kit bashed/scratch built. We have the luck of having an author of a book about the area and a history buff who stops by once a month to check and tell us how things were in the day. (He has a barber shop only a block away).
When I joined they already had the bench work completed and a layer of foam so I was there since the first piece of roadbed was placed. I soon became hooked in what they were doing. There are actually only 3 of us who are really into the whole layout as far as details and building/painting. The others follow are cues and work at things like trees, graveling, carpentry, details, ect after we show and give them a project. The 3 of us do most of the scratch building on our own time and at home. The president and I even meet in there on other days to do allot when others aren't around. ( we seem to get allot done when there's no distractions..LOL) Allot of the other members are into the history and they do research, have their own display room of items in showcases, and a wall full of photos, info, and that's allot of help to us.
I was only a member since last Feb and have already been appointed to Secretary(2 weeks ago) for the club since I take notes and have made allot of the charts and records on the computer.
One nice thing is even tho were building a time framed layout, when were not having shows we "Run what ya brung!" So guys can get it out of their system and run modern/ with multiple engines or challengers and big boys on the PRR lines.
But like the other guys are saying...stop by your club and check it out...and don't let the first trip be a deciding factor. Talk with one of the guys that you seem to click with. He'll probably fill you in on things you might not notice on the first trip. IE: I thought the first few guys that were there wouldn't let me vent my ideas because I figured they were "running the show" turns out they were just following someone else's inputs because they were learning and soon where following me around asking what they should do now! And they are great guys!(that's why I am saying don't let your 1st impression of the club be your decider). One nice thing at ours is "Everyone has some input and everyone seems to get along well!"
Good Luck! It's been great for me, I can't wait for each Thursday to come!...I was playing at a local club last night and our president was there and when I was on break we were talking club and trains and how we couldn't wait till Thursday because we "wanted to build something!!"...Oh another thing was cool was the club we played at had a giant PRR emblem on the stage behind the drum riser...I felt so at home!!! ( Sorry for running on and on...I'll stop now!!) :)

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