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Diesel Detail Freak
I figured since I know how to do it, I'd show everyone else how. This is #1 of two basic ways I'll show you how to resize images to allow you to post them as an attachment.

This process requires Windows XP, SP2. With the upgrade to SP2, windows explorer comes with a built in resizing utility. To access it simply 'right' click with you mouse, on the image(s) you'd like to resize. You can select any number or images, just make sure to 'right' click on one of the images to be resized.
View attachment 3755

Upon doing this you'll get a window showing the following. Three basic sizes are provided by defalt, in basic mode. I usually use 1024x768, but 800x600 works fine also. Now click on 'Advanced>>'
View attachment 3757

Your window will now expand to show the following. Noticed the advanced, custom sizing... Select the check box next to "Resize the original pictures (don't create copies)", this step allows you to now have a jumble of original & resized pics. Do no do this step if you would like to keep the original sizes.
View attachment 3756

Now click 'OK' and window's will resize for you.

You're done!


I use Image ready since it simple to use..:D
As a side note a lot of cameras comes with a programing disk that includes resizing.


Diesel Detail Freak
Mhmmm, very true Brakie! I avoid all "bundled" software, thus why I'll use the explorer shell...


Lazy Daydreamer
jbaakko said:
Mhmmm, very true Brakie! I avoid all "bundled" software, thus why I'll use the explorer shell...
Another thing I've observed about 'bundled' software that comes with, printers, scanners, cameras or whatever: The menu is usually a drastically scaled-down version of the actual package that somebody would pay MSRP for at BestBuy or CompUSA. Many of the options are grayed-out (disabled), but for "only 49.99" you can get the "latest, full-featured package with many extras!":rolleyes: What that freeware really amounts to is an advertising tease.


Diesel Detail Freak
Mhmmm, Thus why I stick to the basics, again...

As for resizing, if anyone wants, more clinics could help the newbies...

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