Cheap Nickel Switch Tracks, Possible?


Ok i just purchased my 50 needed pieces of flex track, And before i get started i need to look for switch tracks. Is there a could location or website where i can find low priced nickel switched tracks? preferably atlas? code 100. Looking for places other then ebay aswell. And in Ho scale
Toy Train Heaven or Standard Hobbies. Both mailorder. If you get the Walthers flyers like I do every month, they sometimes have them on sale.
My 2 favorite mail order houses are above. Just go on the internet & check them out.

One of the cheapest places i've seen is
Nagengast Hardware Inc.
68-02 Fresh Pond Rd.
Ridgewood, N.Y. 11385
718-821-1319 Phone
718-386-2910 Fax
contact: Hans
This was a few months back but he beat all of the wholesalers and big sites prices. And on large orders there's free shipping. I was pricing out Atlas code 83. IE: #6 customlines were $8.75, 36" flex $2.40.

Good luck hunting
K ill look into thoose place i got my flex track for 2.30 something at whole sale trains its atlas code 100 and it should be here soon. I got 50 pieces. Now i gotta start looking for switch tracks. i need about 25 of them. not all at once though just the important ones i need to use to get started.