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Long Winded Old Fart
I bought 2 sets of real nice LED Christmas lites at WM in the past 2 weeks. I used them to lite about 30 small buildings on my new layout. There was 60 lites on a 15ft cord & the other cord had 30 lites on a 12 ft cord. They are cheap compared to buying seperate lites for each building. One box was $5.95 & the other set was $7.97
I had about every other lite on 1 string that I couln't use because my buildings weren't close enough. The other string I used up all the lites except the last 4 just before the plug.
I'm going to try to use a couple of the spare bulbs in a cpl. of engines for headlites.
I also bought a small pak of tiny LED bulbs that are battery powered that I can make street lites & use those. There's 10 bulbs per string w/the triple A battery pack at a cost of $3.98. I have adjustable 110v. transformers that I use for those.
I'm going to buy a couple more of the LED strings that plug into the wall for some more buildings in the future. There's no heat w/these bulbs like on regular Christmas tree lites. On the 110V. strings they have the resistors built in on each bulb. On the large bulb I drilled a 3/4" hole to insert in each building. On the small bulb I used a 3/8" drill for those.
There's a lot of things that can be done w/these new LED's.
Take advantage of the price & get them while you can. Every year they sell out fast.



Long Winded Old Fart
My WM has all of those too, but not battery operated. They carry diff. colors in the tiny batt. op. lites that have 10 on a string. I was thinking about putting some inside a caboose or a cpl. of pass. cars & putting a sm. switch under the floor of the car. On a bunch of pass. cars you could run the tiny wires from car to car & wouldn't notice them because the wires are clear. U could put the batt. pak in the last car w/the switch. Just a few Dreaming idea's.



Diesel Detail Freak
Sure is Larry! I was thinking about playing with making some signs. I'll have to see what Wal*mart has once they do as they're supposed to, and put the stuff out. Other stores have some stuff, like wrapping paper and the such, ours only has the houses out so far.

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