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Has anybody got a dime ?
I finished this project last year and posted some photos on sites other than this one. So I have decided I'd like to share them with this group.

I model N-Scale, specifically the Southern Pacific in the late 70's to mid 80's thru the Sahsta's and Siskiyou regions of Northern Kalifornia. My layout is called the Squirrel Valley Railway Company as you can see one of my many custom decaled 60' centerbeams behind the CATS on Flats.

The CATS are GHQ models along with GHQ limited edition (less than 500 each number) 53'6" flats sold thru Deluxe Innovations. The flats have C&O reporting marks. I have added some extra details including 40 link per inch tie-down chains and seperatly applied stirrups and hand grabs on them.



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Boy I thought this post was going to be something totally different.

Good work.

I'm working on a Jordan HO scale wagon and the parts are so small, I have to pull them off the table and put them on my finger, just to pick them up with tweezers.

I can't imagine what it would be like in N-scale. It's not the seeing--they have great magnifiers for that--it's the picking up and handling of small parts that keeps me out of the Itty-bitty scale.


Has anybody got a dime ?
These babys ride great BUT they are VEERY heavy. My layout is all curves and grades except the yards and these things must be kept within 1/3 of the power. I run 25 car trains excluding power so that means the train lengths are over 12 feet long.

As for the layout, The SQUIRREL VALLEY RAILWAY COMPANY, I have finished the front room staging. The main rail room is 10'6" x 10'6". The front room staging is 3 tracks wide x 10 feet long. Yes it goes thru teh wall of an apartment ! I have permission and have left a substaintail non-refundable deposit ! I can quickly disassemble it and turn it into a static display on top off the entertainment center. What a difference a staging yard makes !

I am currently focusing on my GHQ stuff. Look for the other treads about Heavy Haul CATS. I have some great scratchbuiklt items on the cab and trailer (not shown in the post). All of these projects are in the middle of painting so look for the post sometime within a week.

Enjoy, I DO !
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Dittto Looks real nice, I cannot imagine trying to do small work anymore hands too arthritic to try stuff like that !!!

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