Canvas over loads


On one of the forums someone suggested aluminum foil for canvas over loads. Aluminum foil doesn't paint well and tissue falls apart. What about painting the tissue onto the aluminum foil?


A quick put together with packing tissue and heavy duty aluminum foil over an HO wagon. The tissue painted to the foil with Kilz2 primer.

Just a thought
Nice tip Harold. I wonder how that will scale to N scale.

You have some great stuff!
I forgot to add that the "canvas" is made as a rectangular tarp and draped on the object like it were cloth. Here is a picture of the "tarp". It is a sandwich of foil and tissue. It is formed over the load.


It should scale to N scale

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Very nice, and a much better effect than the method I used in the past (drizzling 50:50 water white glue over toilet paper). I'll have to give this a try for my grain hopper trailers. Thanks for the tip.
Here is the second tarp applied over the load. The barrel was moved to the middle. This is the facial tissue.


I have done drizzling over tissue and it really doesn't work well especially if there are any water soluble areas on the model.

I have used old fabric softner sheets from the dryer that had ALL the chemical softner gone. I paint the sheet with craft (acrylic) paints in a pastel color to similate weather canvas. I scatchbuilt a couple boyscout tents this way and the sheets hold their shape to be glued down.
VERY cheap!