Can anyone identify these Engine models?

Greetings all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify these Diesel Engine types?
Some are so similar and being a novice their just "trains" to me but I would be grateful to anyone who can help me identify these types. These are all Athearn models.

Thanks in advance for any help
Well the first one is an EMD switcher and the model is a SW-7.
The second one is an EMD GP-7.
The third is an EMD GP-20.
The fourth is an EMD GP38-2.

The GP-20 looks like it is a Tyco brand with an Athearn drive.

The trestle you have them on is nice looking. Did you scratch build it?

Thank You...thank you!

Thanks so much for your identification of these engines, it is very much appreciated since I am sell off alot of my engines and replacing them with DCC models of the 1945-1955 era.

And yes...the trestle is scratch built out of wooden coffee stirrers...can you believe it? I made a couple of templates and then constructed each support then tied them all together to make the trestle. I need to stain it and weather it but all in all I think it worked out pretty well...thanks for noticing.

Since you did so well how about these 2?

SInce you did so well in identifying those last 4 engine are a couple more...
First, I wouldn't have guessed you used stirrers to make it. After you stain it, it will be a show piece in my humble opinion. How about a picture of just the trestle. :D

The SP engine is a GP-35.
The Chessie engine is probably a Bachmann shell on an Athearn GP-35 frame. The model is a GP-30. Both of these engines are 1960's built, prototype ones that is. I did a Bachmann to Athearn frame change on mine too. :D

Ok Greg here are a few photos from my old layout...


For all your efforts today in helping me identify these locos here are a couple trestle photographs from my old layout and 1 from the new layout.

Thanks again,
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just a suggestion!

Bob, nice looking trestle!! next time though you should try to leave the plywood off the top an finish it off with ties like real ones. :eek:
Very nice trestles. Thanks for posting more pictures of them. Andy is right though, the plywood detracts from your fine trestle leg supports. It looks like if you cut the plywood out and add the horizantal wood beams and closely spaced ties it will be a very convincing trestle. If that isn't enough to bring it up to the plywood level some shims would finish raising it. Just a thought, still good looking IMO.

Not exactly sure how to do that?

Great suggestions guys but I am not exactly sure how to achieve that and still maintain structural integrity for the trains? Maybe I could disguise the plywood somehow? Any suggestions? Got any pictures or diagrams of what you guys mean?

The SW7 was originally sold by Athearn as a SW1500. It ISN'T an SW1500 but there is a lot of inventory in shops still labeled as SW1500.

Athearn does make a correct SW1500 (which is also labeled as SW1500) gets confusing, especially when buying sight-unseen over the web.