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I purchased a pre-finished ho caboose. I would like to change the name from Southern Pacific to PRR. Is this fairly easy to do.:confused: Wher do I purchase the lettering and how do you recommend I proceed. This will be my first attempt.


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Do you think I can repaint using brushes or is that not going to give acceptable results?

I depends upon your personal standards, what is good enough for you. And your ability to apply the paint in a satisfactory method.

To repaint models, the existing paint should be stripped off first, or the lettering can show through the new paint. Model should be primed with a lighter color before repainting.

Probably best to give it a try on a cheap throwaway model first.


You may even wnat to try a cheap can buy a decent one at Wal-mart in the model section. Although it will not allow you to control paint volume amongst other things, it will provide MUCH better results than any brush job. Not to mention, it is easy enough for anyone willing to learn the skill and is a great entry level tool to add to the mix. Trust me, learning how to airbrush is worth it! Just my two cents...



Although I have never actually tried this, you may consider using ammonia based window cleaner (windex) and soaking the model in it. After anywhere from a few hours to the next day, the paint should start to lift off and should be easy to remove with basic tools. (i.e: paper towels, hobby knife in some harder to reach places.) I personally have actually had quite a bit of luck with airbrush thinner. Although more expensive, it works instantly. Do not soak the model in it though...If used in excess, it can warp or dry the plastic so you have to use more caution. Perhaps some other folks can add to this.... Hope it works out for you!



Far away in Chile...
I though that brushes was fine till the day I try an Airbrush...

As Rich says, you can try a cheap airbrush (wich can cost same as a set of good brushes), mine cost just US$30 and its same as an Iwata model...(double action gravity feed 0,2mm) and the quality its similar too!!! (thanks Chinese open markets)
To make it work, make a compressor from an old refrigerator engine, here in Chile it cost me US$18... So I Imagine that in the states coul be cheapper.
Good Luck with the project.

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