Cable that connects the DCC base to the hand controller?

Does anyone know if you can use any data cable between the DCC base and hand controller? The one that came with my MRC Prodigy Advance System is a very stiff cable and not very good. I want to replace it with a cable that is more flexible and a little longer. Is this possible?

Yes it looks like a fat modular phone plug...

Yes the cable looks like a fat modular phone plug similar to the type of cable that you might connect to an ethernet card. The cable however is flat not round which is why I believe it is so stiff.

Most likely it is a six pin connector. Radio Shack or an electronics supply house may have a coiled 12' wire you can use to connect to the controller. That would give you more flexability. would already have the pins on each end so you don't have to crimp it.
Bring the wire with you to match it up.