Building Wooden and other Fences using household items...

Happy New Year All,

I was playing around with a couple of ideas this weekend and here are the results.

First lets use wooden coffee stirrers cut to fence scale height and make a couple of fences out of them. :D I used elmers white glue and used a long stirrer behind all the smaller planks. Then I used round toothpicks as uprights to hold up the fence. I drill a small hole in my benchwork and insert the toothpicks. Since they are tappered they all go in to the same depth. Then I glue the fence to the toothpicks and clamp with clothes pins until dry. I can then remove the entire assembly and add additional glue for a sturdier bond.

Second I used screen porch plastic screen to make a different kind of fence. As you can tell by the pictures I again used toothpicks for my posts and staggered them. Not a bad result for using items I had around the house.

Keep in mind I still have to stain and weather the posts, wooden fence and I will probably spray the black fencing silver and add some rust and corrosion.

Let me know what you all think,
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I like the wooden fencing. Looks very realistic. As for the screen mesh fence, I bet it will look great after the weathering you mentioned!! Thanks for sharing!! :D

A good source for chainlink style meshing is a fabric shop. The bridal section has mesh fabric that would even be fine enough for N-scale.
Just a thought
Here is that wooden fence with some weathering...

Although I am not completely done weathering my fence yet, I know I like to see others "works in progress" to give me ideas of how thigs are done. :D

1.) First I used Old English Scratch Cover for dark woods staight out of the bottle... but I should have diluted it a bit because it came out darker than a wanted. I will have to look for a lighter scratch cover stain. :rolleyes:

2.) Then I scribbled some white and yellow chalk on it and dry brushed it in a little. I still need to do more but here is a picture so far.