Building my City...

Here you'll see some of my first buildings for my layout. I will show the ugly side of a city close to the railroad. Later an "elevated" will run in front of the buildings like you can see in the old "Blues Brothers" film. :eek:

Looks great!

Just don't forget to include Carrie Fisher with a rocket launcher.
Yes it is H0. Sometimes I would like to have N since I'm very limited in space but I love to implement sound in my locos! Next more pics of my layout.

And one more building... good times are gone...


...the rocket launcher... yes! (Got only the gun)
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Some more...

Here you see a the track leading downtown. I just started to lay balast first time. The sanding tower is from Bachmann. Unfortunately the quality of the plastic is not the best...
The second picture show the track leading to the opposite side and the mid of my little dirty town...
The oil tank is from FALLER. The 3 buildings in the back starting from the white one to the right side are from CITY CLASSICS. The building under the Marlboro bill-board is made from DPM. I used the backside for the upper level.

Hi Hartmut, love your city, looks like real nice work and detail. Keep us posted with the photos as you go along. How large is your layout?
Cheers Willis
Hi Willis,

thanks for your words! Unfortunately "large" is not the right word... :(
So my cellar room is only (2,7m x 1,8m; 106inch? x 71inch?; hope conversation is ok for the US friends)

Have a rough look... :eek:

Hi Hartmut, your metric conversion is about right on. We use both here in Canada, maybe some day we'll decide to stick to one thing. You are doing a fantastic job of putting your city in that space, it really looks much bigger. The photo shows an around the wall layout, how wide are the modules?
Cheers Willis
It's made of 4 modules fixed to the wall using what we call here MDF. I would translate it to Medium Densitiy Fiberboard which is normally used for HiFi speakers.
The left one, the one at the far end and a removable one in the front behind the door are 60cm (24inch) and the one at the right is between 40cm and 22cm (16 to 9 inch).

I started with collecting gauge-Z and planned a big layout to be placed in my living-room but finally I've noticed that gauge Z is extremly sensitiv to dust and oil and needs more or less every day track cleaning. Also the market for structures is very limited and detailing is for "watchmakers". Then I've seen the first locos with sound and that was the reason for changing to gauge H0. Let me say that I've been inspired finally by the September issue 2000 of the Model Rilroader I found in a super-market somewhere in Canada during my vacations.

So finally 2 pics from the left and right of my layout and my latest building. :D