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New Guy
Never put one together but it looks like I might have to in order to get what I want. I'm looking for 40's and 50's era freight cars (HO scale) for the IC. I've found lots that I like on Ebay but they are mostly kits. I have put models together before like the B17 Memphis Belle and a couple fighter planes. My question to you guys is on a scale of 1-5 (1 being child's play 5 being stick to RTR cars) how difficult is it putting these kits together? Also what things do you guys have problems with or dislike about doing kits in terms of putting them together? I wouldn't hesitate to drop $10 on one just to try it and see but I want to see what the 'all knowing masses' have to say!

Thanks everyone!!


Railroad Photographer
You would have to say which kits you are referring to - manufacturers' name, plastic, wood, etc. General comments won't help you much. Most plastic kits aren't really kits as in your airplane models, with hundreds of part, they are fairly basic. It's when you get into "craftsman" kits made from wood and resin that you will require plenty of time to assemble them.

Accurail makes some great outside braced boxcars, but these might be a bit too early for your needs. Athearn had been making their so called kits - usually referred to as "shake the box" kits because there isn't much to them, and include many 40 foot cars of the eras you refer to. They don't even require glue to assemble.


Coal Shoveler
Need more info on kit manufacturers, but Athearn, Accurail, MDC would be 1-2 on your scale; basically what Bob says is 'shake the box'. Walthers and P2K are probably 2-3, depending on whether you have to apply separate grabirons and the like. Branchline would be either 3 or 4; I tend to lean towards 4.



New Guy
You guys answered my question. The two kits I was looking at were Accurail and Roundhouse Products. Thanks!

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