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Ignorance is Patriotic
I'm sure almost everyone on this forum has at least a few pieces of rolling stock that have a broken stirrup step or two, whether it be from an accident, a derailment, or handling the car roughly. The question is, do you bother fixing it immediately?

I have a few cars that have these details broken, and I always tell myself that I'll get around to fixing them someday. It seems, though, that these repairs are very low on my list of priorities when compared to building new kits, painting, weathering, running trains, etc. In the meantime, I just let these cars run in revenue service while I ignore the problem, even if the FRA or the ICC is fining me up the @$$ for my negligence.

Do you fit into the same category, or do you instantly repair and/or refuse to run your equipment if it has a few broken details?


Diesel Detail Freak
Oh yeah, i'm in the same boat! I have quite a bit to fix... I figure some day I'll work up the energy to replace all the stirrups on it them...


Rocket Red
Who cares about stirrups, especially on freight cars? Out of a 100-car train, are you really going to notice a few broken stirrups? :D :D


The Name's Really Matt...
Fortunately, most of my fleet does not have that problem. But, to answer your question, yes and no. I have in the past, but am not currently. I do plan on it, as soon as I get my layout straightened out.


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Well at this point in time I have no detailed freight cars so it really doesn't matter. Must be a few with broken stirups though, but I've so much else to do that stirups are about the last thing I'd worry about.



That FM guy
yes, i have a car or two with a broken stirrup, or a grab iron missing. and i find myself saying, hey, i gotta fix that, and then just go back to doing whatever i was doing. not a high priority on my list of things to do. then i was taking pictures of things on the layout. i took a great shot of the hobo camp, i mean it looked pretty darn good. PROBLEM, the NP 40' box behind the camp was missing two grab irons and though i didn't notice it when i was taking the pic, it REALLY stuck out like a sore thumb when viewing the pic.:eek: so now, that "great pic":rolleyes:was just unpostable garbage.:( after that, fixing broken stirrups, etc. is higher on my priority list.;) -Dean
Hmm, not stirrups so much as bigger things....I have a walthers GATX tank without handrails and ladders around the dome! That needs fixing!


Andy, I don't. But then I'm not a stickler for THAT much detail even though I do like to see it. I've found, in my short time in this hobby, that only another modeler would ever see something like that and only then if they got down close. As far as the average visitor, they wouldn't know the difference. I guess it really boils down to if it bothers you and in that case I'd try and replace them.


Coal Shoveler
I have a number of freight cars without stirrups. None of them have been fixed. Main reason is that those bulky OEM stirrups are hard to match; if you fix one, you have to replace the others as well.

I have a pack of A-line replacements, but haven't gotten around to replacing the broken ones....



Ignorance is Patriotic
So it seems everyone has promised themselves they will eventually fix them, but haven't quite gotten around to it. Nice to know it's not just me. :)

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