Brass track?



Does anyone use brass track on thier layouts? I've seen alot of good deals on ebay for brass track and was think about making some purchases. Any pros or cons for the use of brass track on a layout? Thanks for any advice!

Hi John and welcome to the ModelRailroadForums. IMHO, I would seriously doubt that many if any are using brass track. The brass track is on eBay because the owners want to get rid of it. I have a box of it in the basement and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I guess it's ok for train set running, but for the serious model railroader the prefered track is nickle silver, slightly more expensive but well worth it.
Cheers Willis
I'll second Willis' comments: Brass isn't worth the effort. Nickel Silver track costs only a bit more, but by the time you get it in place the the $$ saved are very minimal indeed in the overall scheme of things. Add to it the near-constant cleaning you will be faced with forever I just don't recommend it at all.

Now, saying that I will confess that I have several turnouts (track switches) that are brass, but these are ones buried deep in yards and never see an engine run over them so surface corrosion isn't an issue. It was a case of using what I had available in a manner that wouldn't be an issue.

But if I were to actually go out and BUY one, even for this use, I would go with NS and not worry about it if I re-used it in a more exacting location later.
I also agree, save yourself a lot of effort and get nickel silver. The difference in oxidation, and thus the amount of track cleaning needed, is definitely worth it.