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I recently purchases a Precision Scale WP outside-braced caboose on eBay. A bargain at $41. Was I surprised to find out it was a kit!

Any suggestions on assembling this thing? I have access to a resistance soldering outfit, but have never used one. Can this be assembled with an iron, solder, and flux? Or am I going to be melting previous joints from stray heat?

Should I just sell this thing on eBay?


Master Mechanic

Use the resistance unit. It's heat area is generally very small, so the chance of melting previously soldered joints is minimal.

Using CA is another idea as well, but the chance of "ghosting" occurring, that white residue that forms on areas glued with CA, is greater.

There is a type of CA that is like an expoxy, I think its called cyanopoxy, that would probably work well here as well.


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CA will be fine if its an unfinished model. I built the Andersley 53' AP spine that way, and once prime red you can't tell.


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If you can Solder, I would. Nothing is worse that painting a brass caboose, masking and findiing out that your masking tape has uber-sticky properties.(ask me how I know). Also, I tend to scrub my brass in paint thinner before painting (to remove the laquer on the brass)....some of my thinner will actually remove CA cement.....leaving you with brass parts again.

If you solder, it wont break on you....CA cement tends to fail over time.


Steve B

If you have access to a resistance soldering set practice with it on some scrap pieces of brass first, when you get the hang of that your ready to go, just remember, the cleaner the parts the better the result. don't bother with soldering irons unless there's no chance your going to un solder a previous joint.

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