BNSF-WSOR Creations


N'awlins Railfan
Well today I brought the digital camera downstairs and visited the old layout. I cleaned some areas and set up some power. With a little imagination and some post photo editing, I think I came away with some pretty cool results.

1) BNSF 1485 leads a local freight around the curve atop Green Summit.

(background and headlights added after the original photo)
2) BNSF 1485 and Wisconsin & Southern 4494 sit idle in town.
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Ah! found them again! Nice pic's Drew. I'm especially taken by the background scenery in the first one. Was that taken on a module outside or do you really have a real fantastic backdrop? Thanks for sharing.
Cheers Willis
Thanks Willis.

Actually that background in the first shot was digitally added. I thought I'd try something different and interesting. I took a picture from google and added it to the scene in my paint program. I wish that was my backdrop.
Considering that the picture is of a real train, I'd have to say that as a picture of a locomotive on a background it can't be beat. But what it has to do with compositing has me totaly baffled.