BNSF models



Athearn GP-60M and a Proto-2000 kitbashed SD-9 on my Layout in Central Texas.
Nice models, nice layout! If you can post more photos of your layout, I'm sure they'd be welcome by all. In fact, you might want to upload the photos to the Model RR Photos portion of this site.

By the way, I have a good friend modeling the ATSF Dublin Sub in 1993, and we're not *too* terribly far away from you up in Fort Worth.
Hi trainman. very impressive, I'd also like to see some more photos of your models and especially your layout. Gosh just seeing those two photos and no more is like holding candy from a baby
I'd like to see more photos Too.
Cheers Willis :D
Now I need to get the one I'm working on
Hi Brian welcome to our group. Do you have any pictures of the unit you are building, or of the Black Lake Southern RR. I guess it's the photos of other's work that inspires us to do a bit of our own. If you need any help for uploading photos let us know.
Cheers Willis