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Here's the last update on #2460 for a little while, she'll be going into storage and I'll be moving onto C40-8W #801 next. She's missing a few parts still, those will go onto her in the coming weeks but I prolly won't be posting updates. the decaling is 90% done, minus some warning declas i have yet to find, and the "stop" decals on the step frames. She's been a while in the process...
Looking great Josh,sort of puts me to shame not working on my GP9. Guess I'd better get at it.
I prolly won't be posting updates
Sorry to hear that :( as it would be something to look forward too, perhaps you could sneak one in once in awhile, so's to keep in touch.

I'm saying, more of updates on #2460, I should be finishing her up, minus the railing this coming week, and then she'll be packed up for storage until I have somewhere to either display, or run her. I have a mighty lot of projects to work on, BNSF C40-8W #801 being on the top of the list next, then the twin SD40-2's #7307 & #7330, since they're so closely the same, I hope to be working on them at the same time, instead of consentrating on one at a time like I am now. I also have BNSF SD45-2 #6460 (4th), BNSF SD40-2 # 7890 (sd45 carbody, 5th), BNSF SD60M #9277 (H1, 6th), CRRR #200 S12 (Hometown, fallen flag, 7th), and many more... So it'll be a constant for unit detail work here from me for a while... and HOPEFULLY some sort of diorama OR soon a train layout...
OK! so you'll still be around posting your other projects, well we can live with that, stil would like to see it assembled hand rails and all but I'll concede they're better left off for storage purposes. :(

Good work, that H1 paint does kinda lend itself to those old Gp30's, but then the GP30 has alot of "class" to begin with.. :D

You project list sounds alot like mine! Right now I've got models of some local RCL units, the BNSF 6135 (SD9-3, this is quite a project!), 6147 (SD9), 2279 (GP38-2) 3441 (SW1500), 3606 (SW1000), and 3545 (SW1200). All in some stage of work. Plus the Maltby Turn power, BNSF 2189 (GP38X) & 2711 (GP39) and the alternate unit 2834 (GP39M).

Next will be the Boeing Hill units, which are pretty simplly GP38's with extended range dynamic brakes. After that is a Pasco hump power, of which I'll be modeling two sets, a SD38P (de-turboed SD35) and a SD38-2. Of course they will need their TEBC6 calf's, to there 2 of them to kitbash. Plus a whole buncha lessor power, like NREX SD45T-2's and SD50's. Add in the perpetual fleet of freight car kits to put together and weather, and I can stay busy for the next couple of years! :p

Now just to get a layout to run all this power on! :D
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Great ambitions lead to great layouts ;) As stated on my site I wish to run Cajon Pass, with 50+ BNSF units, and 40+ UP plus outsiders. Mine's not gonna be an exact replica of every unit in Riverside/LA or Barstow (the terminus of my planned layout), but I hope to keep it within reason, SD39/slug set @ Barstow... SD40-2's for helpers, and GP30, GP35, GP38, GP38-2, GP39/E/M/V GP40, GP50, GP60 yard/local power. I have a custom builder out of Illinois building me a SD9-3 & GP9 topeka cab right now too... :D There's more but I'll stop here.
Your talking about one of those ex-BN SD9-3's right? Like the attached picture...

If your builder needs help, I've spent alot of time with the ol 6135 when she's at the shop. Got a variety of measurments if your builder would need them...
Mhmmm I can't remember my exact number, but i know it has a breather pipe for the fuel tank, I'll ask him if he's like measurments!
Yeah, ask him. I dont think everyone's realized that everything from the back of the cab forward is new. One name should come to mind when you look at modeling one of these: Cannon & Co. So far I've used a cab, subbase, nose, dust bin, and anticlimbers.

But, on the other hand, 6135 is the only SD9-3 that I "know". So I can say if all these rebuilds were done the same, like the first thing that comes to mind is those antenna platforms for the EOT and radio antennas.

But either way, I can prolly scan my hand drawn sketches and measurments from the 6135.
If I'm remembering correctly I chose 6100 cause I had found top views of it online, and its got those neat antenna's on the top. Most shots I'ce seen were in Galesburg, but hey, I make her take a trip to the west coast! I'll ask him now, it may take a day or 2 to get a reply, he's quite busy...
I found some pics myself of the 6100, as far as I can tell, both the 6100 and 6135 seem similar. So if he wants dimensions on those antenna platforms, etc., I have em.

That is the one thing that drove me to model the 6135 over the 6144 (chop nosed SD-9), is that the modifications to make it a SD9-3 make it such a unique looking unit.
I can't stop, she's haunting me in my sleep after I said she has to be put in a box! More pics, I hope, as said in other posts, that she'll be able to help power my dad's layout in the testing, and early one process...
Looks good! I've only seen one up here, but the GP30 does look pretty sharp in the H1 paint.

So how was it painting and decaling the nose? I'm not looking forward to it since it's got that curve you've gotta paint and then decal over.
The yellow stripe falls just low enough on the nose that decaling doesn't become much of an issue, as for the nose headlight, that gets tricky. Mircoscale 87-1023 and walthers Solvaset, and some water... works well, just MOVE slowly the Solvaset softens the decals FAST so I'd suggest positoning them with water, then letting it dry THEN using solvaset...