BLI Paragon2 Hudson chuff rate


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Hi list, I got my first BLI Paragon2, the NYC Hudson. Great engine, excellent sounds, many features. I first had a chuff sensor problem and BLI sent me a free replacement part. With first, and replacement sensor, I picked up that the chuff rate starts at 8 chuffs per wheel rotation at starting and lower speeds, and then switches to correct 4 chuffs, and finally to 2 chuffs per rotation at real high speeds. This is irritating as I'd like to fix it to 4 chuffs all the way through. Is this a normal Paragon2 thing, or anyone have a way of solving this, maybe by cv programming? This happens in dc and dcc. Also both my Paragon2 Hudson and AC6000 have a strange aceleration curve that increases slowly at low speeds and then rapidly at higher speeds. Many thanks, great forum.